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"Are cars getting better?" That is a question consumers often ask when shopping for a new car. According to the automobile industry, the answer is a resounding "yes" and many in the automotive press agree. There is no doubt that in general, cars are getting better in some ways (fit, finish, safety, packaging, fuel consumption), while at the same time, more difficult to repair when problems arise, due to increasing complexity.

Volvo paint may be shinier and its models may have more bells and whistles, but how can Volvos be getting better if customer complaints about known problems are unresolved, continue from year to year and model to model?

If you feel that your Volvo car does not reflect a "better" car, or even a reliable one, our website VolvoProblems.com is for you. It is dedicated to helping Volvo owners obtain effective warranty repairs, to gather common Volvo complaints and to suggest action to take if problems are not repaired satisfactorily.