Specific Volvo Problems

Check Engine LightAn illuminated check engine light can signify a number of problems, some serious. According to the warranty manual, a check engine light is a concern that should be addressed quickly by a dealer.

Car Engine NoiseMay be related to Check Engine Light. If engine noise occurs, it could signal an internal engine defect or failure.

Dashboard Indicator LightsA dashboard indicator or warning light, can involve the check engine, air bag (SRS), ABS system or other malfunction. Not knowing if the indicator light is defective means that you will not be able to trust the information that it was intended to convey. Is there a problem with the air bags of the car or is the light on for another reason? Will the air bags function in a crash? If the indicator lights are not working properly, there is no way to tell. An indicator light that is on should for safety sake, be understood to mean that there is a problem with the system itself and must be taken to the dealership for effective, immediate repairs.

Water LeaksThere is no reason for water to leak in a car in this day and age, even if it is a convertible. Water leaks are especially difficult to repair and frequently require a specialist that dealerships simply do not have on staff. It is common for vehicles with water leak complaints to be sent to a subcontractor for repairs. The quality and effectiveness of work can vary greatly. Even if the car is repaired within the dealership, more often than not, a vehicle that leaks water once will leak over and over again, damaging the rugs, and perhaps leading to unsafe mold and odors that cannot be removed.

Air Condition Control PanelOf particular concern with Volvo owners, air conditioner problems have persisted. The nature and cause of concerns can be due to part design, location of the condenser, electrical draw, assembly, pressurization, charging or other reasons. Since the units are largely self-contained, repeat repairs for this concern are not reasonable.

If you have other unresolved warranty problems with your Volvo, have the lesser of 50,000 miles on the car and/or owned/leased it less than 4 years, and are dissatisfied, you may be entitled to special warranty consideration (properly submitted) and/or be entitled to certain legal remedies.